MCLedger solutions

innovative know-how

business skills of mcledger

MCLedger combines technical expertise with business know-how, in particular for:

- service platforms for transport and logistics

Use the cloud to favor the choice of “green” solution for the transport of goods by favoring the rail or the river and facilitating pooling: My Modal One solution (with the possibility of going to a description of the project)

- financial tools

Implement BlockChain tools in particular in the financial flows associated with logistics operations: SMART-RAIL reference project

customer benefits

  • picto cloud
    business expertise

    in AI and BlockChain in the transport of goods

  • picto earth
    sustainable development

    - Commitment to the preservation of the planet

    - Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

    - Improved loader brand image

  • picto fluctuation

    - Optimization of resources

    - Improvement of working capital

    - Reduction of environmental impacts

    - Energy savings

  • picto art_and_design
    business digitalization

    - Support for digital transformation

    - Traceability and monitoring

    - Dematerialization

    - Mutualization & Data exchange